Erasmus stipend for residents, fellows

and young radiologists



To allow colleagues belonging to the target group of this program to attend an Erasmus MRI course with financial support.


The Erasmus course offers administration costs of one of the courses if your sponsoring society (see below how to apply) covers at least 700-euro bench fee in addition.


Residents in radiology, or young radiologists, including fellows working in Europe who are within one year of finishing their residency at the time of application.


You have to ask your national organ specialized society or group to sponsor your candidacy. If there is no organ-based group in your country, the national radiological society can act as sponsor. Each national organ based society or group can only sponsor 1 candidate per calendar year. If your society has more than one candidate the society has to select one candidate. This can for instance be based on best poster or presentation for young researcher at their scientific or educational meeting. Your sponsoring society can submit your candidacy to Erasmus by writing a signed letter stating the name of their candidate, date of finishing radiology training, reason for selecting this candidate, and commitment to support their candidate with at least 700 euro for travelling and hotel costs. This letter with the CV of the candidate can be send to the Erasmus secretariat in Brussels ( The application has to be submitted at least 5 months before the start of the Erasmus course you want to attend.


Officers of the Erasmus organization will select from the submissions of the sponsoring societies the maximum of one winner per Erasmus course. This decision is final.