Erasmus Course on Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Basic Information

Professional requirements : radiologists, MDs, and other medical imaging professionals.

Participants who do not have advanced knowledge of the basic physics in MRI, are suggested to participate in the module Basic MRI Physics.

Course language is English.

The Erasmus Society is established in Vienna with Vereinsnumber ZVR 034846925.
The current statues were accepted unanimously In the General Assembly in Vienna, March 7 2009. According to these statues the Society is governed by its elected executive board. The Society recognizes ordinary, sponsoring and honorary members as described in the statues. Members are invited at least once a year to the general assembly. Course organizers are members. Radiologists can apply for membership at the secretariat. Module coordinators are chosen from the membership and have the task to supervise, coordinate and facilitate the courses for each of the 8 modules.

Miission statement
Erasmus course in MRI (EMRI) is a professional, independent, non-profit organization of European Universities dedicated to advancing the knowledge and clinical use of magnetic resonance imaging in relation to other imaging methods, aimed at improving medical care for our patients.

The principles of the Erasmus course in MRI are based on the teachings of the European humanist Desiderius Erasmus which include tolerance and the power of the critical, exploring human mind. We organize small scale meetings characterized by interactive teaching, flavour of the hosting University and city, as well as informal international contacts. We are proud to have in our organization the best teachers in Europe. Although this concept has been setting the standard of effective and enjoyable MR teaching in Europe since 1991, we constantly thrive to enhance our performance. In addition we reach out to medical communities outside Europe, both for teaching and for enriching our quality.